Gender Stereotypes Affect Men, Too

Gender Stereotypes Affect Men, Too

dad son gender stereotypesIt is not just women that are affected by ongoing gender stereotypes. Men have to deal with such ideas as well, and they do on a regular basis.

In fact, such male stereotypes can have extremely negative affects on divorce, child support or child custody cases for men.

Recently, Men’s Divorce reported on this issue and took a look at how such viewpoints might actually harm a man going to family law court.

“It should not come as a shock that men face antiquated gender stereotypes when going through a divorce, and that fighting these can lead to lengthy, expensive legal battles that still result in unfair settlements once a judgment is finalized,” reported Men’s Divorce

Men’s Divorce paid reference to a recent article published by The Huffington Post called “Retiring the Bumbling Husband: He Isn’t Helping,” in which writer Jaime Zucker discussed this issue in detail. She examines how male, and female, stereotypes in media, sports and daily life have a huge impact on the way individuals and society at large think about roles for men and women.

In her article, Zucker mentions that “advertisements for housekeeping products can still be targeted to attract female consumers, but the justification that these products should be selected by the woman because her male partner is just too stupid to do so needs to be retired. It’s time advertisers pay attention – equality is empowering.”


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