About Men’s Rights

When the general public thinks of discrimination, typically men are not a group at the forefront. But any man who has been inside a family law courtroom will tell you about the biases and injustices he faced.

Over the years, men have been set back with an increasing amount of unfair rulings in the areas of child custody, alimony, child support, paternity, and abuse. The constant fight to get rid of these injustices extends beyond the courtroom as well. MensRights.com is presented by the Cordell & Cordell Law Firm. As divorce attorneys for men, Cordell & Cordell sees the injustices faced by men that go largely unnoticed by society.

Presented by Cordell and Cordell, the Men’s Rights website focuses on five primary areas that directly impact men’s lives:

  • Abuse: There are two main issues to abuse that affect men’s rights: the myth that men are not the victims of domestic violence and the malicious use of false allegations of abuse. Despite overwhelming evidence, the notion that men are victims of domestic violence is largely overlooked due to society’s stereotype of abuse. False allegations of physical and sexual abuse have become more common the last few years as more mothers are using these allegations to enhance their chances of receiving custody and thus, child support payments.
  • Fatherhood: Being a single, non-custodial parent often feels like you are less important in your child’s eyes and that you are seen primarily as simply a source of income. But fathers need to realize their importance and that no one can replace you as your child’s dad. Being a divorced dad is challenging due to biased child custody decisions and the prevalence of parental alienation, but that means you just have to try even harder to grow your relationship with your children and be the best father possible.
  • Financial: The antiquated notion of the wife staying at home with the kids while the husband worked as the family’s sole breadwinner is quickly becoming a thing of the past. However, men are continually viewed as nothing more than a money pit when it comes to the determination of alimony and child support payments.
  • Laws: Despite the laws in every state that specifically forbid discrimination based on gender and the fact that the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of all citizens to due process and equal protection of the law, men and fathers are routinely at an inherent disadvantage in the family courtroom setting. The Men’s Rights website reports on the laws and proposed family law changes that directly impact men’s rights.
  • Paternity: Paternity is one of the areas of family law where men are routinely discriminated against. Whether it is the denial of paternity rights or being the unlawful victim of paternity fraud, fathers must be careful, as paternity law is complex. As more children are born out of wedlock, paternity problems will only become more common.

Partnering with the men’s divorce firm of Cordell & Cordell and the father-friendly website DadsDivorce.com®, the Men’s Rights website is the leading resource for information on violations of men’s rights … and how you can fight it.