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Navigating Male Gender Stereotypes in Family Court

Parents care. They provide as much as they can for their children in creating the best home possible. If you are a divorced parent, you have to create a home for your children separate from the home of your co-parent. You must give them a bed to sleep in, a routine to maintain, and an environment for them to thrive in. If you are like...

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Study Highlights Gender Bias in Family Courts During Child Custody Cases

As a father, you want to do everything you can to be the parent your child deserves. You want to be able to take them to their dance classes or help them with their homework, but for many parents who did not fare well in family courts during child custody cases, this cannot be their reality. They cannot be the parents that their children deserve,...

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The Importance of Remaining in the Marital Home During Divorce

You do not plan for marital problems. You go into a marriage hoping that you are going to spend the rest of your life with the person that you love, but it sometimes does not work out. The truth is, marital problems can sprout up over time, causing conflict that can result in a divorce. While the experience can be emotionally blinding, you cannot allow...

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Sorting Through International Child Custody Issues

When your child is born, you take on a responsibility of being there for them throughout their life. Your child becomes your world, and you want to give them the best life possible. Your love extends beyond your ability to provide for them financially. You want to be an emotional guardian for their well-being as well. However, when divorce enter the equation, it becomes increasingly...

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Exploring Parental Alienation Through the Eyes of Fathers

As a father, you want to do right by your children, regardless of whether or not your home is considered their primary residence. You want to offer them all of the opportunities in life possible and ensure that they grow and mature into kind and empathetic adults. Divorce can be a traumatic event in a child’s life, but through communication and co-parenting, your children can...

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Fathers Face Financial Challenges After Divorce

As a father, you want to be able to provide everything for your children. Even if you had the best childhood imaginable, you want to be able to provide more for them than what you had. That is your natural instinct, and it is that instinct that often leads you down a path of being taken advantage of. Regardless of whether or not you were...

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How to Fight False Allegations in Child Custody Situations

You just want to start over. You just want to end your unhappy and dysfunctional marriage. You just want to remain an active and loving part of your child’s life. You just want a fair settlement and custodial rights. All of these wants sometimes find themselves superseded by the need to defend yourself in family court. Many times, fathers find themselves having to defend themselves...

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Understanding What It Means To Be a Father

As a parent, you take the role that you play in your child’s life seriously. You care for them, provide for them, feed them, clothe them, and give them the necessary guidance to grow. However, as a man, you sometimes may feel doubted by others, who make assumptions regarding your nurturing abilities and underestimate you and how earnestly you act in your role. If you...

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