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Facing the Feeling of Being Overwhelmed

In the cases of men facing the prospect of a divorce, they can sometimes feel defeated before any semblance of a fight begins. Some head into the process with the understanding that they may very well lose their shirts to a system that will assume that because they are the man, they must be the primary earners and pay alimony. They feel devastated when looking...

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Mental Health Issues Require Assistance

In facing the prospect of divorce, losing custody of one’s children, losing a number of assets, and losing one’s home, it’s understandable that it might take a toll on one’s mental state. The stresses of the situation can be overwhelming for those going through the experience, and that experience does include the aftermath, when one attempts to pick up the pieces and recover from this...

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The Concept of Family After a Divorce

When marital problems begin and the storm of negativity and tension makes it look like a divorce may be on the horizon, there are a million different things that a guy in that position has to sort out. Whether it is the custody issues, the financial aspect, or the division of assets, there suddenly becomes a lot of facets to sort through in a very...

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Feeling Alone, Isolated After Divorce

The walls can feel like they are closing in on you. You watch your clothes and other items leave your familial home and enter an empty apartment. The relationships that you once had with friends and family are forever changed. During the hearing, you encounter a judge who you feel, assumes you as an inferior parent to your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Your children later call and...

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