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Using Restraining Orders To Gain Access To Marital Home

Living with a spouse you are divorcing can be awkward and tension-filled, but it’s often a necessity many men have to deal with either because of economics or the strategic edge gained by remaining in the marital home. Until a court order is entered awarding one party exclusive possession of the marital home, both parties have an equal right to continue to reside at the...

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Movie Looks At The Power Of False Allegations

A system designed to protect from abuse is being abused. False allegations of abuse are increasingly rampant in today’s family law courtrooms because of how easy it is to obtain orders of protection that give a huge advantage to one side – usually the woman’s side. Tom Lemons explored this injustice in his latest film “DVI: The Inside Story,” a documentary that looks at the...

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Study Links Partner Violence Against Men To PTSD

Men comprise 25–50% of all intimate partner violence victims in a given year and now researchers have published the first studies linking domestic abuse against men by their female partners to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, according to the American Psychological Association. PTSD is a psychiatric condition that can follow the experience of a traumatic incident and the experience of intimate partner violence is generally...

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Domestic Violence Myths

An organization devoted to improving the effectiveness of our nation’s approach to solving domestic violence has compiled and analyzed 50 domestic violence myths that are prevalent in today’s society. RADAR (Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting), a non-profit, non-partisan organization of men and women, put together 50 popular domestic violence claims that are made by the media and various organizations and are even included in...

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Domestic Violence Shelters For Pets But Not Men

If you are a male suffering from abuse, your dog may have a better chance than you of finding domestic violence support services. Domestic violence shelters for household pets are now being established yet there are only a handful of shelters in the United States for male victims of abuse. “I think male bipeds should get some support services before we start opening up temporary...

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Jan Brown on Domestic Violence Against Men

Domestic violence against men is one of the many instances in which the laws are applied unequally simply because of gender. It doesn’t help that there are so few services available for abused men. Jan Brown recognized this deficiency and is doing something about it. Brown is the founder and executive director of the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women that provides supportive services...

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Dr. Charles Corry on Domestic Violence Against Men

Dr. Charles Corry is one of the nation’s leading researchers on domestic violence against men and president of the Equal Justice Foundation. Corry discussed with the Men’s Rights website his research on domestic violence against men, primary aggressor laws that unfairly target men and myths about domestic violence.

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