Study: Presumed Equal Child Custody Works

child custody lawsWhen Denmark passed legislation making equal child custody the default custodial arrangement, it was met with expected controversy and hostility toward men’s rights.

Four years later, a study shows that presumed 50-50 child custody arrangements can work with the help of motivated parents, proving this model could exist in the U.S.

The Parental Responsibility Act created the “7/7” solution where children spend alternating weeks with each parent. This is the standard arrangement enforced by the government unless parents agree to a different custody schedule.

The Danish National Centre for Social Research issued a report saying presumed 50-50 custody can work well with co-parenting cooperation in order to provide continuity to a child’s life.

Obviously, any split custodial arrangement requires cooperation and Denmark’s “7/7” solution is no different.

The report concluded that most children adapt easily and happily to the 50-50 custody schedule because of the equal opportunity to see both parents. A different study found that 90 percent of children surveyed were satisfied with the arrangement while only 10 percent often felt stressed by the shuttling between homes.

It was also determined that the custody agreements also serve the interests of the parents. Critics of the plan said the research supports their position that the “7/7” schedule would serve the interests of the parents.

But what’s wrong with the parents’ interests being acknowledged in addition to the children’s? It’s in the best interests of parents to have as much time as possible with their children. It’s also in the children’s best interests to have an equal opportunity to spend quality parenting time with both of their parents.

The Denmark solution shows that presumed 50-50 child custody can work with parents who realize cooperation is in their best interests, and more importantly, the best interests of their children.

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