5 Reasons You Should Support Men’s Rights

5 Reasons You Should Support Men’s Rights

By Caroline Cordell
Editor, MensRights.com

men's rights factsThe men’s rights movement is, on the basic level, a movement that seeks fairness for men in scenarios where women are presumed to have the advantage. Specifically, our website focus on men’s rights in the law because in almost every courtroom women have an inherent advantage.

The concept of “men’s rights” gets members of both genders riled up for often two reasons.

One, they don’t know what it means and so instead of researching the movement more, they decide they are against it.

And two, they think that men’s rights is the anti-feminist movement, made up of men who hate women and want to be the patriarch of our society.

Unsurprisingly, neither of those ideas is accurate. So, if you aren’t convinced of the need of the men’s rights movement, here are five reasons you should support this movement.

1. 9% of child support receivers are men

This startling statistic shows how few men receive child support. More than 9% of custodial parents are fathers, which shows that many custodial fathers receive no child support from the mother.

What does this mean? It means that for many custodial fathers, they are paying for all the expenses of their children, with zero help from the mother.

2. Custodial fathers who receive child support are paid, on average, $700 less than custodial mothers

Even if you are a custodial father lucky enough to receive child support from the mother, you will likely receive less money than if you were paying the mother. This makes it harder to be able to support your children and to pay for all their expenses, adding yet another burden to your life.

3. Only 17.8% of fathers are custodial parents

It seems like the courts follow the stereotype that only mothers can take primary care of children.

Courts must understand that both parents are vital to a child’s development and favoring the mothers for primary custody actually negatively impacts the children.

4. 30% of custodial fathers receive child support; 55% of custodial mothers receive child support

This relates to number 2. For custodial fathers, there is only a 30% chance you will receive any help from the mother. However, 55% of custodial mothers receive child support from the dad.

As mentioned above, active roles in a child’s life by both parents is necessary. It is also important to have financial support from both parents because raising a child costs a lot of money.

5. 53% of women are the primary breadwinners (including divorced and single women)

This contrasting statistic shows that, overall, women are not financially lacking compared to men.

This rebuts the age-old argument that women cannot survive without financial support from a man. However, the courts often follow this idea when awarding money in divorce cases.

These statistics and facts show the men’s rights really are important and lacking in the context of the law. We hear day after day about women’s rights, but nothing about the unfairness men face. It’s time that is changed with men receiving a fair opportunity with their children and finances in the courtroom.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau and Prudential Research Study “Financial Experience and Behavior Among Women

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  1. I agree i have primary of my oldest child his mother doesn’t pay anything in child support they say that it will affect her means of living she doesn’t earn enough. So i moved on and remarried three children later we go to court and i have to pay child support even though mom makes more than me i am solely responsible for my eldest son. I showed the courts eviction notices͵ gas and electric shut off notices, had my minister tell the courts of the church collection and food pantry to help keep my household in order and the judge says she sorry for what im going through but the guidelines are the guidelines. I struggle everyday for survival i am going back to court to try and modify the child support order.

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