Happy Father’s Day

For divorced dads, Father’s Day can be tough, particularly if you can’t celebrate it with your kids. You are probably like most divorced dads — you’re trying to do the best you can in a flawed situation.

You face many challenges in addition to the difficulties married dads face: You may have to deal with child support, custody arrangements, a biased court system or a strained relationship with your ex.

Your kids might also be caught in the middle of it.

So, maybe you don’t have as good of a relationship with your kids as you’d like.

Or maybe you have a great relationship with your kids, but were caught in a messy divorce and ended up on with an unfavorable custody order.

You may feel hurt, guilty, or angry — and that’s understandable.

But whatever your circumstances this Father’s Day, now is a time to celebrate.

Today, reflect on the good moments you’ve had with your kids.

Remember when you cheered your daughter on as she scored her first soccer goal. Remember watching your favorite cinematic masterpiece with your kids for the first time. Remember lazy Sunday afternoons spent with them.

Laugh about the times you were THAT dad.

And just keep in mind that it’s never too late to reach out to your kids. We’re rooting for you, dads.

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Matt Allen


  1. Well said Matt… Thanks for the post

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