Fathers Rights Violated: Dads Sue Agency For Putting Kids In Foster Care

fathers rightsTwo dads have filed lawsuits claiming their fathers rights were violated when a child welfare agency put their children in foster care rather than let the kids live with their fathers after the children were removed from their mothers’ care because of neglect.

After the Washington D.C. Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) removed the children and placed them in foster care, Sam Wilson and Andre Adgerson – who both had joint custody – had to fight for months in order to have their parental rights to their children recognized, according to the Washington Post.

Both dads were active, involved fathers who shared child custody with the children’s mother. They argued their children should have immediately been put in their care once their mothers were found neglectful.

But, as frequently happens with dads rights, their parental rights were ignored.

The lawsuit said the child welfare agency told the dads they would have to request a formal investigation by authorities to determine the fitness of the fathers because they lived outside of the state, over the state line in Maryland.

The fathers’ attorneys say this conclusion was based on the misinterpreted federal Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, which requires the state to investigate the proposed placement when children are moved out of state.

The lawyers argued that this particular law does not apply to parents and should not have been used to strip away these fathers rights.

Sam Wilson finally regained custody after six months of meetings and family court hearings but not in time to celebrate his daughter’s fourth birthday with her.

She was still in foster care, placed there by a zealous agency.

A statement from the D.C. attorney general’s office sent to the Washington Post said the office “will defend vigorously the District, the Mayor, and CFSA’s efforts to ensure that children are in a safe home.”

The welfare agency was working toward ensuring the “children are in a safe home” by removing them from their neglectful mothers. But in its gender bias and complete lack of regard for dads rights, CFSA did not acknowledge that the children could actually live in a safe home with their fathers.

Again, the same fathers the courts ruled were fit enough parents to receive joint custody.

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