Documentary Reveals Family Courts Abuse Of Father’s Rights

Documentary Reveals Family Courts Abuse Of Father’s Rights

guilty until proven innocent filmRenowned filmmaker Janks Morton turns his lens to the controversial family court system that is removing father’s rights in his documentary “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” set to debut July 26 in Washington, D.C.

Morton uses the stories of five men to reveal how millions of others fathers and their children are unjustly separated from each other by family courts under the guise of “the best interest of the children.”

These gripping first-hand accounts show what’s really going on in family court and how all these parents and children are directly impacted by court and agency rulings, according to Michael McCormick, executive director of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.

“The routine and unnecessary separation of children from a parent is creating a nation of fatherless kids,” McCormick said. “Society can no longer ignore the human and financial costs of family breakdown. Clearly the best interest of children is not being served.”

In an interview that appeared in People magazine in June, President Barack Obama said “I have learned something over the years about what children need most from their parents. They need our time, measured not only in the number of hours we spend with them each day, but what we do with those hours.”

Yet, McCormick argues, millions of America’s fathers, and tens of millions of children, are right where the family court orders them to be, out of each other’s lives.

“Dads are then unfairly blamed for being ‘absent,'” he said. “The system is cruel to children and their fathers. Separating children and fathers is unnecessary and correctable.”

“Guilty Until Proven Innocent” gives divorced dads a voice to share their most intimate feelings around the challenges of not having full and complete access to their children.

Buy tickets at the Avalon Theater in Washington, D.C., or order online for the July 26 showing at where you can also see a film trailer and order the DVD.

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