Bill Would Eliminate Child Support In Joint Custody Cases

A proposed law in Missouri would eliminate child support in joint physical custody cases where the child would be spending equal or substantially equal time with both parents.

However, both parents would need to sign an agreement consenting to no child support, the difference in the verified incomes of the parents must be less than 25 percent, and a finding must be made that such custody and award of no child support is in the best interest of the child, according to the text of Senate Bill 35.

Even if the parents disagree on awarding no child support, this act would lower child support by between 18 to 50 percent below the basic child support amount authorized by the current child support guidelines, commonly referred to as Form 14.

If passed, Form 14 would be amended to reflect the changes of up to a 50 percent reduction in child support for joint physical custody cases.

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Read the full text of Missouri Senate Bill 35.

Use the Child Support Calculator on for an estimated amount of how much child support you should be paying.

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