5 Reasons To Support Men’s Rights

5 Reasons To Support Men’s Rights

There are many reasons to support Men’s Rights, but it becomes quickly apparent from looking at the state of rulings in family courts that reform is desperately needed.

If you are unaware of the injustices men face when it comes to divorce and obtaining fair custody of their children, this quick video will hopefully demonstrate why change is necessary.

Check out several shocking divorce facts below:


      1.  Only 17.8% of fathers are custodial parents.
      2. In relationships where domestic violence occurred, over 70% of offenders are women.
      3. Sixty-six percent of all child support not paid by non custodial fathers is due to an inability to pay.
      4. Only 30% of custodial fathers receive child support, 55% of custodial mothers receive child support.
      5. Men are nearly 8 times as likely to commit suicide.

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Men's Rights Editor


  1. Ingrid Aedo Naranjo Says: September 6, 2015 at 7:56 am

    This situation is very unfair to many men who are great fathers, and unfortunately don’t have a legal system that can support them. This is definitely very sad for all the people who have to deal with all the injustices commited by many women who are psychologcally and physically abusing their husbands by utilizing their children and is very unfair to find out that very little can be done to protect men’s rights.

  2. manlawjusticegmailcom Says: July 18, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    I am glad somebody is finally speaking up on Men’s rights. The injustice and unfairness that men have to deal with in divorce and custody disputes is only part of the harm. The psychological and and mental health issues that men are facing also goes largely unnoticed and the justice system completely ignores that.

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