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Exhausted dad caring his child trying to put her to sleep while standing outside.

Fathers Face Financial Challenges After Divorce

As a father, you want to be able to provide everything for your children. Even if you had the best childhood imaginable, you want to be able to provide more for them than what you had. That is your natural instinct, and it is that instinct that often leads you down a path of being taken advantage of. Regardless of whether or not you were...

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thoughtful young man in pajamas sitting on bed and looking away in the morning

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Alimony

When you know you are about to experience a divorce, there is a range of emotions that you experience that may cloud your more rational ways of thinking. While those emotions are important and should be handled in a constructive and healthy method, those rational thoughts regarding your financial future are too important to ignore. Your future is on the line, and without taking the...

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