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Violence and Abuse Happens to Men too

Violence and Abuse Happens to Men too

By Sarah J. Merry Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer Whether it is the “deadbeat dad”, the stupid and lazy husband, or the violent criminal, the mass media is full of distorted and negative portrayals of men.  While cognizant of the distorted portrayal of men in the media, it is beyond disappointing that this twisted portrayal has made its way into the Public Service Announcements for...

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Top 10 Fathers Rights Facts

Some of the most popular articles on MensRights.com deal with the facts and figures of discrimination against men and fathers that are so often overlooked by society and mainstream media. This list of fathers rights facts is provided by the Father’s Rights Council of Georgia, an organization dedicated to helping fathers learn their rights, use their rights, and build productive unhindered relationships with their children.