Hague Convention: Timeline To Contest Children’s Removal

The Hague Convention is a treaty between countries that agree to cooperate and abide by one set of laws – the Hague Convention – for the return of children removed from their home country in custody disputes. The Hague is implemented in the United States, though not every country has joined the Hague Convention. There are several articles of the Hague Convention, but this article...

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Protecting Fathers Rights: Agency Sued For Removing Children

A previous men’s rights article discussed a lawsuit filed on behalf of fathers rights after a welfare agency placed children in foster care rather than let them live with their fathers. Both dads were active, involved fathers who shared child custody with the children’s mother. They argued their children should have immediately been sent to live with them after they were removed from their mothers’...

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Wisconsin Father Wins International Custody Case

A father from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has won an international child custody case that could reunite the man with his daughter in time for Christmas, The Associated Press reported. The young girl is currently living in Japan with her mother, Emiko Inoue, who recently pleaded no contest to interfering with child custody in Milwaukee County Circuit Court and agreed to return Karina Garcia to Wisconsin, according...

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The Challenges Facing Fathers

False allegations of abuse. An increasing number of children being born out of wedlock. Unfair child support guidelines. These are just some of the most troubling issues men and fathers face in today’s society, according to Dr. Gordon Finley, a professor of psychology at Florida International University who researches fatherhood and divorce. Finley’s work has been featured in more than 100 publications. He spoke with...

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